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Extraction Room.jpg

The Extraction Room, 

44 Lower Stone Street,


Kent, ME15 6NA

Tel; 07725 943162


Don't be fooled by the simple, understated "curb appeal". Blacked out frontage and frosted windows, with some cool graphics set the scene for an experience that you wont forget. The Maidstone town centre location is a great spot to be situated in, and this venue would be a great place to start your evening out, before visiting the local restaurants and pubs.  

Pressing the door entrance button, we were warmly greeted by three members of The Extraction Room team. It is clearly evident that they are exceptionally proud of the experience which they have created (and this pride is certainly well warranted as you'll see below!).A comfortable long waiting room with lockers and well appointed toilets make for a very pleasant briefing area. We were also offered chocolate which is a good way to my heart! 

 A quick briefing then followed to cover the normal health and safety aspects and a quick explanation of  the padlock types. This then lead to us being guided to the brilliantly decorated entrance door which gives a subtle hint as to what to expect inside. 

At present, The Extraction Room have one experience to enjoy however are eager to create another, Watch this space!... Check out our review of our hour long entertainment... 


After being told his Granddaughter Lily had just days left to live, Doctor Hector Stein took matters into his own hands to find a cure. Safe to say things didn't quite go to plan and its your job to get the antidote and escape. An interesting story line with a cool zombie-like aspect thrown in certainly got our attention.


As ever, no spoilers, however you'll love the way this game starts. Its very different, creates a interesting aspect and certainly builds the tension straight out of the gate. 

Once inside the room, you'll be amazed at the volume of quick punchy puzzles inside. A number of rooms now have a long, ongoing riddle-like puzzle which you have to piece together throughout - this is not the case here, and it adds to the tension as all puzzles are not only rapid, but stick well to the theme. 

There are two huge pluses that The Extraction Room certainly have over most others - room layout and physical challenges. The space has been used very well and it seems to be never ending. Given this approach it was sometimes tricky to understand when the game would end which is a brilliant position to be in. The use of physical challenges however had all of us smiling. Yes, there are a multitude of the regular padlock puzzles which will keep the escape room purists happy,  however using physical aspects within the game set this apart from all other games we have played. 

Another great point to raise is the atmosphere and tension found throughout this experience. The use of sound and lighting is brilliant and particularly as the room evolves and when the 60 minutes is drawing near this continues to ramp up. 

Its safe to say that the team at The Extraction Room have produced a room to be proud of, which pulls together great use of space, solid well thought out on theme puzzles and a sense of tension that many others would dream of. This is an hour of fun I would encourage you to book now! 

Extraction Room.jpg

Would I recommend this room?

Yes! For sure! One not to miss - a tense hour of entertainment. 

Who would I recommend it to? 

Anyone! Everyone would enjoy this, from experiences pros to absolute newcomers. A few more tricky puzzles are contained within however nothing that cant be achieved.  

How many players would I recommend?

3-4 is a perfect team size for this room. This would allow everyone to be doing something without stepping on each others toes!

Suitable for Children?

Much like their website says, I would suggest 12+ is perfect. There are a few areas and props which younger guests might not appreciate! 

Star Ratings; 

Enjoyment; 5

Puzzles; 4.5   


Difficulty; 4.5   


Theme; 4.5


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