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E-Scapism Escape Game Films
Fancy a twist on the normal online escape room game? E-Scapism have developed a range of movies where you choose the plot. Check out our reviews below...

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E-Scapism - The Cellar


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Dirty dealings at the heart of local government. An expose about to see the light of day that will rock the city.  And some very dangerous criminals that will stop at nothing. Grabbed off the street and thrown in a cellar, Paul has no option but to escape to save himself and his partner.  But the hatch is locked, the cellar dark and hope is fading. Can you help Paul escape? Time is not on his side! 

Now, I hadn't seen much in the way of reviews for these brand new games, so I didn't know quite what to expect. However, the thought of being part of a movie where I get to the choose the plot and help our victim escape- you are talking my language! And I wasn't disappointed. 

As per the introduction, the plot is very simple to follow. You have been captured attempting to uncover some under handed goings on within government. You have the images to prove it, and all you need to do now is get back to your partner for a glass of champagne and toast a job well done. However, chained and gagged and locked in the cellar of an abandoned warehouse, things look bleak. 

The opening footage of this game set the scene really well. Nicely shot, giving just enough information to get the game moving, without being too long and drawn out. You get a sense for the characters in the film, and build an early empathy for Paul's situation.

The game then begins and you find yourself locked within the cellar. As ever, no spoilers so I wont provide too much in the way of hints to the plot after this point. Needless to say, you are drawn in. Great use of the surroundings, brilliantly produced with a strong music score sitting underneath. You really feel the desperate situation that Paul is faced with. 

In terms of puzzles, this is very different to many escape room online games. The puzzles themselves are very simplistic and aimed towards a less-experienced player. There are only a handful of traditional style escape puzzles in the game, as it also uses direction options, where you are making the decision for Paul on what he should do next. From searching the room, to trying to escape, picking up items within the room etc. it really does pull you into his world. 

Puzzles/decisions are done simply by clicking boxes which appear on screen during the movie. Some will be timed, so if you need to use something, click it whilst its there. Others are numerical puzzles where you will utilise your surroundings within the video to workout. And some are inventory options of items you have gathered during your stay in the cellar. 

Every decision you make within the cellar has different consequences and outcomes, so be warned, selecting the incorrect option may lead to disaster. But do not worry - in total you have 2 hours of streaming time for this game. So, if you make a wrong decision, you have the opportunity for the movie to start again. Now you can pick alternative options in a bid to succeed. 


The technology worked seamlessly for me - the email links and streaming options arrived within seconds of purchase (which is just £1.99!!!, so is amazing value for money).  The video itself worked without any issues - the links within the inventory and decision making all flowed well without any lag or buffering issues. 


When all was said and done, I was hugely impressed with this game. Something very different to anything else out in the market which I have seen. A solid and believable plot. Fantastic acting with great use the set and the technology, with a strong music score underneath. Hugely immersive and very impressive. 

E-Scapism - Church - The Prophecy


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E-Scapism - Vaccine - The Countdown


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