Check out the links below which will take you to our reviews of the fantastic escape room experiences found here in Kent.


You can also be taken directly to their websites where you can book your experience - and don't forget to tell them that Kent Escape Room Reviews sent you! 

Against each room review, you'll find padlock ratings based on various key elements within the room such as -

 - Enjoyment

- Puzzles

- Theme

- Difficulty

And don't worry - if you find a room which hasn't got a review, rest assured that it wont be long until we go to visit! Feel free to contact us as we have plenty of contacts within the industry who can advise on games which we are yet to play! 

What Escape Rooms Can I Do In Kent? 

There are a huge amount of rooms cropping up throughout Kent. Don't know where to start?! Have a look here and check out all about them!...

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