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Lost at Sea

The story…

Captain Carl Amity and his band of misfit pirates have become lost somewhere in the middle of the Ocean. Word has it that these waters host the biggest treasure known to man… The Treasure of Sir Drake Lostalot – a clumsy former Admiral in the British Navy, whose ship sunk years back in suspicious circumstances.

As one of the few crew members with a brain cell, you task yourself to help Captain Carl to get this ship back on course and locate the treasure. You’ll need to use all your skills to work out this one!


Good luck crew! You’re going to need it!      

Rules and Game Play...
This is a new FREE online escape room style game where you will be taken through a series of puzzles and should take between 30-90 minutes to complete.  Please note that the game is not optimised for mobile phones.
There may be the occasional need to search the internet for a few additional clues or hints however this is minimal. Most of the evidence you require is contained within the game.
We would suggest that you have a pen and paper handy to play the game as you may need to write down your answers and working out.
The game can be played simultaneously with friends and family via video conferencing,  however please communicate clearly and share your answers as everyone is in control of their own screen. If you work out a password, tell them too! 
Each page will show an individual puzzle. In order to move onto the next puzzle, you will have to work out a password. Insert the password when prompted in order to move on.
The password will be only be words or numbers. They will contain NO SPACES and are all in UPPER CASE! 
If at any time you are stuck, there are some subtle hints located at the bottom of each page. The first hint is usually a little more cryptic and the second is a very obvious clue. If you get really stuck, you can also reveal the answer.
Each page has its own EPIC accompanying soundtrack. Be sure to click the play button on the top left corner of your screen on each puzzle.  It really adds a great sense of tension and atmosphere!   
This game is completely free to play, however at the end of the game, there is the option to provide a small donation, if you feel it warranted.  As you can image, the time, effort and cost it takes to develop a game like this is rather crazy! Donations are purely at your own discretion and will go towards the production of future games and/or the review of other escape rooms - THANK YOU. 

“Argh, well hey there me hearty! Ain't been seeing you up ere on top deck for some time.  I thought lowlifes like you belong below deck, scrubbing me floors. Lets me introduce me self proper. The names Captain Carl Amity – the smartest pirate to sail the six seas! It is six seas right?! 


I'm glad you’ve brought yourself up ere though. Seems we have ourselves a little problem. Looks like we might have got ourselves a little lost. These seas can be somewhat formidable and have taken us off course. I needs your ‘elp. I needs you to get all me navigation stuff together and meet me in the captains quarters before sunset. So here’s what I need you to find – A globe, a telescope, a compass and magnifying glass and of course me treasure map.

I reckon you could be just the man me crew needs to get this ship back on course. Yous never know me hearty, we might even stumble on Sir Drake Lostalots treasure! When we do, I will be sure to cross your palm with silver. Now hurry you scurvy seadog – makes you way back below deck and get the stuff – hurry we’ve not got long til the sun sets and we are lost at sea forever! Oh, and takes me Parrot with ya. He might come in useful. Good luck shipmate!”

Click the flag to begin your mission!

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