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Fancy a real print at home challenge? Now this is the game for you! 

The story, many years ago renowned explorer Christian Stapleton ventured into The Crypt - he hasn't been seen since! The local area is riddled with stories of ghostly howls coming from deep below. Its thought to contain the remains of knights and warriors and now you have been given special permission by the priest to check out the secrets that lay within!  Yep!- Creepy! Luckily, this is just a print at home game, so nothing can jump out and scare me - or can it?! 

From printing this game, looks can be deceiving - don't start to think that the simple design means simple puzzles - far from it! The design is very simplistic which for us was a massive positive - although you don't get that initial wow factor where many others have vast colourful puzzle displays, my printer was very happy, and so was my pocket! With almost all the game printed in black and white, you wont need to take out a mortgage to print this one! 

The print file is accompanied by a guide and hint/answer file, although you can also opt to get hints and answers via the website. We opted for the latter which worked perfectly for us. From looking only at the printed game itself its tricky to appreciate what answer you are trying to seek, however the accompanying online page provides just enough hint and thorough explanation to help guide you on your journey as you venture down into the bowels of the crypt. 

In terms of difficulty, this is up there with the more tricky ones for us. In total there are five key puzzles, however instead of purely being a 1 or 2 page game, multiple printed sections combine to create your answer - and don't forget your scissors and origami skills! Another huge positive was the fact that although most puzzles are standalone, evidence needs to be pulled together from previous games to influence your answers as you progress -so make note of everything you have printed even if it doesn't quite fit with the puzzle you are playing.  Don't take this game for granted - the puzzles are very well designed and unlike the vast majority of print at home games out there. Ill be honest and say I had to use the clue system on more than one occasion and there were some rather frustrating moments where the penny hadn't quite dropped. In fact, in hindsight, Id probably say this is a great game for the over thinkers!  


When all was said and done and my frustration had died down, this was a very good game and certainly one for puzzle lovers and enthusiasts. Gather your fellow explorers, grab your torches and take a trip which you will struggle to forget, into the darkness of The Crypt. 

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