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The team at Leisure King (Mobile Escape Rooms), have brought out a BRAND NEW online escape room game, which is focussed on one of my favourite themes- PIRATES! (Insert my very happy face here!) :)   

So firstly, the story. You are a brave pirate who has been fighting for many years to track down the famous treasure of Blackbeard. One problem however, you have drunk a little too much grog, been robbed and thrown in jail! Can you get out and manage to follow through with your plan?! I love a good pirate adventure and this story carries that little something extra with the jeopardy of having to escape the prison as well as going on a mission to find the treasure. The story would certainly work for all the family too - nothing too heavy for the younger members, with an element of "Pirates of the Caribbean" too. 

Moving onto game play and puzzles, this was rather refreshing. As with many online games, this was a linear experience in that it follows a set series of puzzles as the story continues to evolve. Where this game differs from many others however, is with its interactivity. As well as the traditional image -based games, this has a large number of games where you physically "get stuck in" with moving ciphers, interactive puzzles and such like. Although it may not suit the tastes of the hardened enthusiasts looking for complex multi-layered puzzles, a nice touch in this experience is the use of more traditional games with slight escape room twists, including word searches and crosswords - I found that this gives this game a level of accessibility which would allow the whole family to sit round and join in without being too daunting.  

Clearly, the team at Try2Escape have tried to make this to be an event, as opposed to simply an online game; the original email received after purchase includes a little something extra - as ever, no spoilers (particularly as this was a pleasant surprise), however make sure you take a look at both PDF's received. The first is the normal "Here's the link to the game" email, the second provides what I will describe as a "Family Fun Pack" which you can use to accompany the game - it really goes a long way of providing the game with extra personality.  


The clue system sits nicely as a footnote at the bottom of each page, with three clues providing differing levels of complexity. Regular escape room gamers probably wont need to access it as the vast majority of puzzles are achievable, however if you get really stuck the answer is also available.   

All in all, a fun enjoyable experience that all the family will love. Well appointed, strong level of accessibility for all. with cute graphics a nice level of interaction and a bonus "family fun pack", providing that little something extra. A great first outing for this new escape room company - looking forward to see what comes next! 



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