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Local history Professor, Julius Invicta, has it on good authority that Doctor Aiden Medway and his clan of evil Deleter Robots wish to erase the county of its past and make a world purely run only by technology. You and your team must help the Professor to secure all the wonderful points of historic interest in Kent, before they are deleted forever!
This FREE family-friendly online escape game is AVAILABLE TO PLAY NOW! Just follow the instructions below and enjoy! 
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Rules and Game Play...
This is a new free online escape room style game where you will be taken through a series of puzzles and should take between 30-90 minutes to complete.  Please note that the game is not optimised for mobile phones. There may be the occasional need to search the internet for a few additional clues or hints however this is minimal. Most of the evidence you require is contained within the game.
We would suggest that you have a pen and paper handy to play the game as you may need to write down your answers and working out.
The game can be played simultaneously with friends and family via video conferencing,  however please communicate clearly and share your answers as everyone is in control of their own screen. If you work out a password, tell them too! 
Each page will show an individual puzzle. In order to move onto the next location, you will have to work out a password. Insert the password when prompted in order to move on. The password will be words, numbers or a combination of the two. 
Please also remember that the answers are UPPER case. 
If at any time you are stuck, there are some subtle hints located at the bottom of each page. The first hint is usually a little more cryptic and the second is a very obvious clue. If you get really stuck, you can also reveal the answer.
Each page has its own accompanying soundtrack. Be sure to click the play button on the top left corner of your screen on each puzzle. Not only will this give you an epic track to add that extra atmosphere and tension, you can also use the clock as a guide to how long each puzzle is taking you!  
This game is completely free to play, however at the end of the game, there is the option to provide a small donation, if you feel it warranted. This is purely at your own discretion and will go towards the production of future games and/or the review of other escape rooms - THANK YOU. 
Below you will watch a video from Professor Julius Invicta, an expert in local history.  
Listen closely. It contains the password to access your first destination. Good luck on your mission! 
History escape room Matt part 1 (filter 3 black and white)
Play Video

“Ah welcome. I see you heard my cries for help. My name is Professor Julius Invicta.  Master of History at Canterbury University, and world-renowned expert in local histories, with a real love for Kent.  Oh, the first interesting bit of history, my surname, Invicta, dates back for thousands of years and can be traced back through the ages with the Latin for my name meaning undefeated or unconquered, however I fear that this motto my not be true for much longer – our history is under attack" 

"We hear whispers that Doctor Aidan Medway, a fellow graduate, however in future technologies, has developed an army of destructive robots, known only as The Deleters. Word has it that our landmarks and heritage, both new and historic, are under threat by this unknown entity. Doctor Medway wishes to erase all history and ensure the future is controlled only by technology. I have it on good understanding that he has pinpointed a number of prime locations throughout the county and I need you to ensure that everything is secured, locked down and made inaccessible to the Deleters". 

"To help you, I managed to intercept a piece of technology that the Doctor has been working on – some kind of human transport pad – stand on in, punch in the appropriate password and it will transport you to your selected location. You should have received this by now. It is my understanding that the password you need to get it started is *****.  Please help me to remove this menace and save our beautiful county from extinction”.

Got the answer? Click on the machine below, enter your code and see where the adventure takes you!
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