Clue Cracker Escape Rooms

68 St Johns Road,

Tunbridge Wells, 

Kent, TN4 9PE 

Tel; 07498 532269


Located within the courtyard of a restaurant, you would be foolish to think that the lack of a "shop front" will effect your experience. A handful of teardrop flags and a banner adorn the front of the restaurant to advise you of the escape room. The setting is actually perfect for a full night out of food, drinks and escape room fun! 

Greeted at the entrance to the restaurant, they then advise your escape room host who escorts you to rear courtyard for your game to begin. Here is another huge plus that Clue Cracker hold over other escape rooms - pure, unadulterated, enthusiasm! Katie's passion for escape rooms is superb and not only does she set the scene for the room, she certainly has a way of capturing your imagination of what to expect inside.  

 A quick briefing regarding the padlock and puzzle types follows, before you are then suitably attired for your stint in prison! Escorted to the jail, the clock starts and you begin to plan your escape!!!

At present, Clue Cracker have two rooms; Jail Break and The Diamond Dogs. We have had the pleasure of Jail Break but will be playing their new Diamond Dogs room, very very soon. Watch this space!...


Its safe to say that prison escapes have become a staple theme these days and having tried a couple before you are often sceptical that they will become a "copy and paste" exercise. This couldn't be further from the truth here!  The passion the team has for the room in every last detail smashes all others out of the water! 

The attention to detail in this room is second to none. Without giving anything away, you truly are immersed into a prison escape environment. Every last detail is superb, with a real evident passion coming through. 

There is also a phenomenal number of puzzles within the room, all of which we different degrees of difficulty. The mix of puzzles is something other locations can only dream of. The combination of padlock, number locks, physical challenges and puzzles means that the strengths of all your team members will be put to the test.  The volume of puzzles is a real plus in this room, however, if you get stuck, the manner in which you gain extra clues is brilliant - very creative. 

This is a room when communication is certainly key - given the volume of puzzles involved, it is easy to get lost on what has and hasn't been completed, so talk to your team mates and be methodical! And don't be lulled into a false sense of security - letting the clock tick away will become your enemy - as the room evolves you will see it tick away faster than you imagine! 

This is a room not to be missed. With the combination of superb attention to detail, a massive array of puzzles, the intensity of the game play and the passion from the team, the team at Clue Cracker have hit the jackpot with this game!

Would I recommend this room?

Yes! For sure! Fantastic, well designed, hour of adrenaline 

Who would I recommend it to? 

Anyone! May be tricky for slightly less experienced teams however everyone would find this an enjoyable experience. 

How many players would I recommend?

3-4 is a perfect team size for this room. This would allow everyone to be doing something without stepping on each others toes!

Suitable for Children?

Yes, it is. The theme is slightly dark but there's nothing scary to make you feel to uneasy! 


Star Ratings; 

Enjoyment; 5

Puzzles; 4.5   


Difficulty; 4.5   


Theme; 5


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