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Escape Hub is located within the Royal Star Arcade on Maidstone High Street. Conveniently situated in the town centre, this is a real hidden gem.  

Occupying much of the upper floor of the shopping arcade, its large glass frontage gives a great first impression. It comfortable seating area and friendly staff put you right at ease. The reception area also includes leader boards for each of the rooms and some puzzles, so get your competitive juices flowing! 

All members of the team here are very welcoming and its clearly evident that they care about their customers needs. Escorting you to the entrance to your room, your host gives you a quick briefing on what is about to begin. 


Currently, Escape Hub have five rooms; 

1) The Laughing Lair - A funfair, clown themed room where you have to escape before the villain returns 

2) Inbound - A world war themed room, where you need to locate your top secret intelligence and escape with them before your captured 

3) Mr Brenchley; Diamond Theft - Where you need to locate the diamonds and work out who stole them.

4) The Curse of Curawoods Garden - A mysterious curse has been placed and you must stop it spreading before its too late!

5) Coming Home - Can you save Gregg the robot in his box before total system failure?


I have had the pleasure of trying two of their rooms as follows; 


I can fully understand peoples worries when I say about a clown and funfair themed escape room - I know a lot of people who have phobias of clowns! The joy of The Laughing Lair escape room room is that you don't need to worry about them! 

The theme of the room is that you have been captured by a clown-like villain and you finally have your opportunity to escape. You must solve the puzzle within the hour before the villain "returns". 

I would suggest that my overriding hint for this room for any players would be "TEAM WORK". Particularly at the start of the game, team work and communication are vital - this room starts like no other that I have played before and its brilliant! 

The room is hugely enjoyable and every game sticks strictly to the funfair theme, A combination of face paced puzzles, riddles and physical challenges form to make a masterpiece of a room. The sense of tension in this room is brilliant, brought on by the strong theme, slightly eerie feel and massive amount of tasks to complete. This room is a must for all!  

Would I recommend this room?

Yes, certainly. The theme, combination of challenges and the pace of the game means this is a must!

Who would I recommend it to? 

Everyone! I have friends that are first timers who have played this, and more experienced friends also. Everyone loved it!

How many players would I recommend?

Any number between 3-6, as the room is large and there are a lot of puzzles. ​

Suitable for Children?

Yes, however I would suggest over 12's as the room has a slightly eerie feel so younger guests of a nervous disposition it may not suit. 

Star Ratings; 

Enjoyment; 4.5                  

Puzzles; 4                  




Difficulty;     3                   




Theme; 4.5



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This room, summed up in one word - AWESOME!

Now the thought of running into a war zone as an escape room initially didn't appeal to me until I started to read the write up provided by the Escape Hub website - when the words "Smoke" and "Crawling" were added to the mix, my ears pricked up and we booked only a few weeks after the room opened - And I was certainly not disappointed. 

The aim of this game is to obtain three British Intelligence secrets and escape. Based in war time, the scale of this room is pretty unbelievable. Without spoiling the game, the way in which the designers have created this room is nothing short of genius. 

The theme is a real hook to this escape room and will wow even the most seasoned of escapists. The puzzles seem to be never ending and the effects within the room add that extra something to complete this masterpiece. 


There are unexpected twists and turns in this room and the challenges are tricky. Everything is however achievable and I would suggest sometimes taking a step back and looking at things at face value - don't try and overthink the puzzles! Keep it simple and you will smash it!

A massively enjoyable experience, with a great theme, smart use of space and great effects. If you haven't tried this room yet - you must! 

Would I recommend this room?

Yes, definitely. ​

Who would I recommend it to? 

The game is suitable for all to enjoy however not particularly easy for first timers, so maybe tried the Esacpe Hub's other two rooms first! 

How many players would I recommend?

I would suggest that 4 players is the perfect number for this game. ​

Suitable for Children?

Given the war theme, I would suggest not and although there is nothing gruesome to worry about, the room doesn't particularly lend itself to under 12s. ​

Star Ratings; 

Enjoyment; 5                 

Puzzles; 4                




Difficulty;     4.5                   




Theme; 5


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