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Fancy turning your home into a clever little escape room?! Hell yeah I do! My Escape Room Party do exactly that, by providing you with all the print files you need to create your very own escape room, without even going out the front door! Check out our reviews here... 

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Disappearance of mr george.webp

Fancy a quirky, brilliantly designed, play at home game that all the family will enjoy. Look no further!


So to start, what's this one all about?! Well, you have been summonsed by Agent Starr who needs your assistance with a peculiar case. She has found a note which advises " To the police, I have some very important information to share with you about imminent danger to myself and the community". As the top agent you and Agent Starr are, you rush to Mr Georges address only to find him missing. You need to work out his disappearance so you can uncover what the important information is which is of such grave danger!


With the target family audience in mind, this storyline sits really well by providing a basic mystery element to the game, which gets the imagination racing. What was Mr George wanting to tell you and where has he gone?! Although I should have seen a major clue in Agent Starr's name, I wasn't expecting to then go on an adventure  - through space! 

One thing I was particularly keen on in this game is the quirky art design of all the puzzles and props. Its evident that a lot of passion has been made to design something which is not only engaging for your brain power by engaging for your eyes. Targeting this game at families with slightly older children and teens, the artwork sits brilliantly by giving slight cartoon-like illustrations, but with a more grown-up feel. 

Another major positive for this game, and clearly the most important factor, are the puzzles. I was hugely impressed with these. As with many print and play games, there are evident limitations to what you can produce, however the puzzles are varied, brilliantly designed and place really well for the target audience, Nothing too tricky, but there are certainly some elements within it where the grey matter will need to work - but you definitely don't need to be a genius to solve them that's for sure. In addition, there are a lot of puzzles in this game, so don't expect a quick ten minute experience - you certainly get your monies worth on this one!  There were four puzzles in particular that I was really impressed with, and I'm sure you'll find loads in there that hit the mark with you too! 

One point to note here is that the game is certainly set up to be able to utilise it in your own home as a party experience. Within your printable files,  as well as having the normal puzzle for printing, you have a wealth of printable props which can transform your home. Having a ten year old son, if he came home to find I had transformed our home into a space-inspired escape room, his excitement would be off the charts!   And top it off, once you've completed your game, they have also included some brilliant posters to hold up in your photo opportunity! A really nice touch. 

As ever, no spoilers, however the game is completed by solving all of the puzzles and then creating a three digit code to open a safe which hides the secret. This pulled the game together really nicely and felt like everything you were doing had a purpose. Whereas the start of the game commences with a quick video from Agent Starr setting the scene, this isn't the case for the ending. Personally I'd love a video to complete the game, to give it a big finale, but it certainly didn't dampen the ending without one. A big sense of achievement came over me to accompany the joy that had been felt throughout the game. 

All in all, a really well designed game, packed with puzzles, including some really great features. Printable props and achievement posters (oh yeah, and party invites too!), gather your family together and have a great night in - solving a game that is quite literally out of this world! 


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