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Quarantini Boredom Escapes were born as a result of the pandemic by an exceptionally talented escape room enthusiast/puzzle designer. They currently offer three  FREE play at home online games which are packed with creativity. Check out our reviews here!...

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If you are an experienced puzzler, who fancies something a little quirky, you have come to the right place!

And when I say quirky, I mean it. Who needs another predictable online storyline, right?! Here's the basis of this story...  

In 2001, eccentric scientists Nethel and Malbert Birman began working on a formula to turn people into cats. Shunned by the scientific community for years, their work went largely unnoticed, but more of an interest was taken in recent years when some of their top detractors started going missing. Since 2015, countless people known to the couple have disappeared and – around the same time – several cats and kittens have been sighted in or near their home. A reliable source has now confirmed that their formula is complete and has been tested… successfully. Their dastardly plan is to turn everyone on the planet into a cat, via an airborne distribution method. It is not known how long a human can survive in this form, but the transition is almost certainly a long and painful process.

Now the thought of humans turning into cats and scientific experiments really interested me. Its zany, a little different to the normal and was pleased to find that this crazy Catland didn't disappoint. 

For the puzzles, put your thinking caps on. Some are rather on the complex side and gave my little brain a right good workout. That's not to say they aren't achievable however. A real strong element to the game is the use of multi-levelled puzzles where you solve one section in order to utilise the answer for another. Everything feels like it has a purpose. However, remember to hunt around the screen. Its not always as simple as seeing a puzzle, and trying to answer it - look around and you're sure to find a little something extra where where the lightbulb in your head goes PING! (But don't worry, there is a well appointed hint and answer section on each screen if you really get stuck). 

Another HUGE plus in this game is the use of interactive puzzles. The creators have used the Genially platform to embed puzzles into their website, which means you can drag, drop, move and interact with a number of puzzles within this game. This proved a really great way of breaking up some of the heavier puzzles within this game. And as for puzzles there are a lot of them, so strap in and prepare for a brain workout!

As ever, no spoilers, however the way you move around this game is really enjoyable - but play close attention. There were a few moments where I was asking myself where I had to go to answer the question or find evidence which related to a particular answer. Where some may find this frustrating, I found this to be a very clever way of providing the additional sense of adventure this game needed - it isn't simply find puzzle, enter password, move on. It really adds that extra something. 

Another shout out goes to the graphics within the game. And whilst the designer herself acknowledges that Powerpoint was their best friend whilst creating this, the designing is super cute and follows theme really well.

The thing that hit me the most however out of everything, is evidently the level of passion which has gone into this game. Clearly a talented puzzle designer, who knows what an enthusiast likes to play. And above all, the game is completely free to play, with the option to donate to a selection of charities. 

To summarise, if you have a spare few hours, an open mind to a little craziness, and fancy a little online adventure, all for free, with some cracking puzzles, you cannot go far wrong than trying to Escape From Catland. Some might even say for you, it would be PURRR-Fect. 



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