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The team, based in Folkestone, Kent, have tried their hand at their first online escape room. Safe to say it doesn't disappoint! Check out the review below!...  

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 Now here is a great bit of fun, which was right up our street. We highly recommend this one. And here's why!...  

First off, the plot. "A mysterious MI5 agent has approached you to take on a mission that is a case of national security, to save millions of civilians' lives. However, the details are a little vague but that is exactly why you have been called upon for your expert skills. So assemble your team, as you become MI5 substitute agents or you could call yourself sub-agents, as you take on this important mission, are you ready?".


C'mon, what not to love about that?! A cracking plot which captures the imagination, yet leaves enough open doors to not quite know what to expect. And don't worry. It doesn't disappoint - although certainly not a complex storyline, it keeps you on your toes in wonder as to where your game will take you next. 

I've always been a big fan of online games that keep you within the confines of its own website, yet combines some clever technologies imbedded within it. Big tick in the box for this game right there! Elements within the game provide a sense of adventure, without making you get lost in the world wide web like many others do. The use of video and audio are a hugely welcome element, plus a subtle hint of humour thrown in - pay close attention to the name of the agent!

So, the puzzles. Very enjoyable! We played as a team of 5 and it fitted us perfectly. Certainly not the hardest difficulty to play, but still challenging, and we did use a few subtle clues along the way - as a side note, we really enjoyed the way in which the clues are delivered by your helpful guide Cluerisa. The puzzles are nicely pulled together, with no repetition, yet a common theme runs throughout - brilliantly alongside the the secret agent-style theme. The variation of puzzles in this game are a major pull, so they will keep you on your toes and put a smile on your face!


We had plenty of lightbulb moments in this game and can certainly suggest that newcomers and experienced gamers alike will thrive.

A good combination of simplicity in design, well appointed interactive puzzles, good puzzle signposting (without making things too obvious), and some subtle humour, make this a strong choice for your next online escape room adventure! 

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