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Strong puzzles, some great audio and video aspects, plus a great sense of humour and awesome theme - this ghost hunting game will have you begging for more! 

In terms of story line, you have been called to help Mr Richard Hole (yep, that's his name!),  who has attracted the unwanted attention of a ghost - who is desperate to contact him. Having received messages from the ghost, Richard has come up blank as to what he is trying to tell him. A strange document keeps returning to him -  however much he tries to avoid it. You and your team must find out what this ghost is trying to tell Richard before its too late! 

We love the backstory to this game. Although there are a number of ghost based online escape games out there, this one sets itself apart in the fact that your challenge isn't really to track down the ghost - he is actually desperate to make contact - you just need to understand what he is trying to tell you! Without spoilers, we certainly enjoyed the way the story line developed in this game and how the evidence provided slowly unravels the case until you finally get to understand his reasons for contacting Richard.

The early part of the game starts with much focus on the "strange document" which keeps returning to Richard - this is a great way to get the game started - a number of puzzles interact with this key document, which, on there own, make absolutely no sense! The first puzzle certainly starts strong and hits you with what to expect - a brilliantly designed, puzzle filled mission! 

The puzzles are very strong and stick strictly to the theme - a handful are very tricky ( in particular puzzle 1), however sit back and read everything! We went wrong by rushing and not appreciating what was in front of us! There are 3-4 puzzles within the game which I hadn't seen before which gave us a few head scratch moments but certainly aren't impossible. We got a greater sense of achievement by sitting back, taking a breath and then trying again! 

The puzzle content is great and varied - there are no repeated styles in the games and they balance well with a change in tempo, where you find a more lengthy puzzle is shortly followed by a quicker, punchy game. This balances the game well and gives the game a great feel where the lengthier puzzles then don't become relentless - not having a time limit to this game is also a helpful touch! 

As well as the strong puzzles, one area which must have an honourable mention is the humour in the game. Clearly, the team at Get Lost don't take themselves too seriously and it gives the game great personality - Richard Holes character provides a charm to the game, coupled with some witty comments and laugh of loud moments. (Also, if you are a big escape room fan, make sure you take a closer look at some of the character names in the game).  

In addition, the other area of the game which we liked, was the fact that although the vast majority of the game is played within one website, there are moments when you need to visit an additionally created website - this site has also been brilliantly designed to aide you in your puzzle solving and is a great addition to the game.

In terms of how hints work, at the bottom of each page there are 2-3 hint reveals which range from slightly more cryptic to a little more obvious! Where this game does differ slightly from many others is that you are not provided with the option to reveal the answer if you are stuck! Some would see this as a weakness - we see it as a strength! Its all too easy to cop-out and give up when you know the click of a button will get you through to the next screen! This set up means you will work harder to make sure you get the answer - if you end up getting really frustrated, you can always contact Get Lost via email or Facebook messenger. (we may have done this on one occasion!)

So, who would enjoy this game? We feel that given some of the puzzle difficulty first time puzzlers may struggle on a handful of games. That said, with the well placed clues everything is achievable. Families would certainly enjoy the game, and although the theme headline is spooky, there is nothing within the game which would give you nightmares! I would also guess that the enthusiasts would like this game too as it contains some very strong puzzles.  


When all was said and done, there was very little to fault with this game - great story line, enjoyable humour, some nice video and audio touches and some brilliant puzzles. Don't be a PRAT and miss this one!      

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