A very cute, perfectly appointed print at home game for young children, to give them a little taste of escape rooms, with a theme that they will certainly all embrace!  

A nice, simple story - you are the zookeeper of a local zoo. When you arrive at work to open up for the day, the animals have escaped!  You need to get all the animals back into their enclosures before the zoo opens in one hour!


Lets face it, what child is not going to love that?! Puzzles and animals is a match made in heaven for many under 9's so this game pitched perfectly to my son and niece (9 and 7 years old!), who were VERY excited to play it and just as excited when they completed it! 

In terms of the puzzles, these are very basic and certainly hit a chord with the children. They are a great first step into the world of escape rooms, where they use animals related puzzles to decipher riddles to find padlock numbers. There are 5 key puzzles in all, however these aren't purely stand alone - the children will have to work together using different pieces of each puzzle in order to find the padlock code. Many games are based on basic magazine-style/puzzle book games (word search, spot the difference etc) so they aren't too daunting for kids - and parents wont need a degree to give them a helping hand!  

The graphics within the game are very cute, child friendly and are very inviting. We played this with myself as the game master so I had cut out and folded all the materials that they needed to use within the game - however, for extra fun you could certainly let the kids do that - or even, hide the materials all around the house to let them find them, to make this into a proper escape room play at home style game.

As with other Escape From Home print at home games, they have certainly thought about the end user here - as such, the PDF download pack includes certificates and posters for the children play to award their success - which are great for the "we did it" photo opportunities when you gave completed your mission! For us cautious parents, the pack also includes a low ink print version to keep your own printing costs down (which is a really great touch). 

All in all, this kid-facing game ticked all the right boxes with our 7 and 9 year old gamers. The puzzles were perfectly placed, the theme hit a chord and the printed materials were cute and eye catching. For the target audience, neither me nor the kids could fault it! Children are sure to love it - so let them embrace their inner zoo keeper! 


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