A truly remarkable online game, which will take you on a journey like no other! 

In terms of story, simplicity is certainly the key and this game hits the nail on the head - a notorious bank robber has been released after a long stint in prison. With your help, he wants to get the gang back together and carry on where he left of! The story is certainly easy to follow for users and clearly when designing, Hysteria had a very clear vision on how the story should evolve. 

In terms of puzzles, this is where the game really excels! Although there are the normal limitations with online games, the guys at Hysteria haven't let these restrictions affect the game. A very different game to all others, you actually go on an adventure around the world wide web in order to understand some of the puzzles and use external sources to find the answers. As ever, no spoilers, however be prepared to be amazed with how they have created some of the games. Some puzzles are very self-explanatory and simple - others are exceptionally difficult and we found ourselves with a few head scratching moments. However keep at it - don't overthink what is in front of you and you will smash it! There is a very useful hint book at your fingertips within the game if you really get stuck (we only used it once!)

In respect of theme, this was strong and all puzzles strictly stuck to the story. At no point did we think anything was out of place and in fact the way in which the game develops but using other sources other than the games web platform, it made you feel like you were organising a real bank job!

In terms of who I would suggest this would be aimed at, it really is a free-for-all! I think enthusiasts will love the concept and how the format differs from other games. Would also be great for families with older children/teens - the level of puzzles vary so everyone will certainly bring something to the table! 

Overall, a brilliant, well thought out online game, which demonstrates great puzzle building, a solid theme and some great immersion through the use of technology - a real treat to play! 


To Purchase this experience, visit; https://hysteriaescaperooms.com/onlinegames/

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