Another great online game from the Hysteria team, rammed with great puzzles, interesting use of technology and a solid theme.

So, firstly the story line. You are Mike Stephens - a long serving journalist for the Washington Post. Your day starts like any other, until, scanning through your emails and followers blogs, you stumble into one claiming to be the "next big story". Hmm, mysterious! 


What I really like about the story is that in terms of advertising and website explanation, you have no idea what this game is likely to be about. Whereas with Hysterias other game, The Bank Job, the clue is certainly in the title. Its is not until the 3rd or 4th puzzle in, when you realise how the story is unfolding and what the game is really about. I will do my best to not provide any spoiler as to what to expect in terms of what this "next big story" is, but safe to say we enjoyed it! 

A huge plus in this online game is the puzzle content. Firstly, the game is rammed with them. Secondly - all of them are strong! Four or five puzzles really stick out as highlights! A real positive is that you aren't just focused on what is presented in front of you within the game screen -  You may have to use alternative technologies to answer some puzzles! We really enjoy this aspect of both the Hysteria online games - they seem to nail the fact that technology is a great resource for online games. Once users head their head around the fact that you aren't playing a "black and white" game (for the want of a better term), you find the gears in your head turning and wondering where in the world wide web this game will take you! 

In terms of puzzle theme in relation to the story, these fitted very well. Again, without giving away any spoilers, the theme which Hysteria have chosen, has allowed them to compile copious amounts of puzzles which all develop against the story. At no stage did we feel that any puzzle/image was out of place. As you work your way through the game you can certainly see the vision, creativity and passion which the team have. 

This game comes with an accompanying soundtrack, which is accessed via a link to Youtube as well as a hint book which we opened in a separate internet window just in case we needed it - luckily only needed to reference it the once and it did steer us more in the right direction! 

Who would enjoy this game? - Well, this for me is a great one for all-comers. Slightly easier than Hysteria's The Bank Job game, families and friends would certainly enjoy this. We did it via Zoom across three separate households and this worked a treat.  The puzzles vary in difficulty and are a mix of some great head-scratchers, to some more simplistic games which are self-explanatory. The more modern aspects within the game are sure to be a hit tech-savvy kids and teens!  

Safe to say, we really enjoyed this game. Yet again the guys at Hysteria have utilised their great understanding for puzzles and their "thinking outside the box" mentality, to provide a memorable online experience.   


To Purchase this experience, visit; https://hysteriaescaperooms.com/onlinegames/

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