So here's the deal on this - I cant give you an honest review on this game, because well, I helped to create it! However I can certainly give a few pointers about the game and how it works!...

The story - After day 1 of a weekend long music festival, the production manager has made a bolt for it with the profits, leaving all the main festival documents locked in flight cases. Your job is to unlock the cases and set the music festival back on track.

The puzzles - The game was designed with families in mind. A real mix of easier and trickier puzzles. Not too heavily written so that it easier for younger players to also follow. 

The game play - You work your way through the flight cases and slowly make your way towards the stage - eventually trying to get the show back on track. 

Extras - A really enjoyable visual and audio element to the game, with a fun opening and closing sequence. Also, be sure to download the backing soundtrack to the game - its 1 hour long and provides both the rock and the tension!

Do me a favour and check the game out. I am really proud of it, and the work that the team at The Panic Room have done to perfect it is something to behold. 

Rock On! After all, the show must go on!  

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