A cleverly written combination of online and print at home puzzles with a time travel narrative that is sure to be a hit with hardened gamers! 

In terms of story, you receive a response letter from History Re-Written Inc. - advising you that your application for their experiment has been successful. What follows is a mission through time to rewrite history on some world changing moments. 

Although the back story isn't vast and you are basically straight into the game after receiving your acceptable letter, I really like the theme to this - trying to place this type of experience into a physical room would be exceptionally difficult, so the team at Escape From Home have certainly grasped the current lock down situation with both hands and let their creative juices flow! The use of time travel means that the possibilities within this game are endless and each scenario you face is unexpected, which allows the game to keep you on your toes as you work your way through history!    

The way this game combines both online puzzles and print at home materials is a nice touch - in some puzzles you will be faced with online evidence, coupled with a downloadable print out and vice versa. Other puzzles include a slight bit of online research while others are purely online game only. The variation in puzzle types keeps this game alive well - it is clearly evident that the Escape From Home team have taken a lot of time to develop this game into a well-rounded product but note you will find yourself carrying out multiple downloads through the game and inputting web addresses - embrace this as part of the game play and you are sure to love it! 

In terms of the puzzles, these are all very strong. The opening puzzle is quite simple (although we did mess it up to start off with!), but soon after that you will find the difficultly level sharply increase! There are one or two puzzles within the game which are a real highlight, the likes of which I hadn't seen before. And although many of the games are taxing, all are certainly achievable - sit back, take in all the evidence and try not to rush your way through. There is no time limit to this game so there isn't the need for too much tension!  

The game also includes the option of a separate web page which provides well appointed hints to each of the individual puzzles - if in doubt, use them! We did on a number of occasions where we just needed a gentle nudge to see us through! If you get really stuck, you can also reveal the answer to help move you onto the next scenario.  

All the puzzles stick strictly to the theme of each historic event to which they are related to, which provides a level of realism to each puzzle. Where there is text to read, this is written appropriately for the era to which it relates. Without spoilers, there are two particular historic events which really hit a chord with the team. 

Its certainly safe to say that this games is not for newcomers. The puzzle difficulty slowly ramps up as your work your way through the historical events, therefore younger team members and less experienced gamers would likely struggle. Again, that said, you could still manage to be successful with this by using the hints section of the website. Similarly, many of the puzzles within the game are lengthy so don't think this is a game which you will smash through in 30 mins! Get the team together, get some drinks and nibbles and make an evening event of it! Those with an attention span of a toddler need not apply! It took us just short of 2 and a half hours so you certainly get your monies worth! 

All in all, a very well designed and creative online/print at home hybrid game which includes a clever narrative, some stunning attention to detail in terms of the historic events and some well appointed, (if a little tricky) puzzles! Certainly one for the more experienced gamer, this game will be sure to keep you on your toes as you attempt to rewrite history!  


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