The team at Clue Cracker have done it again with yet another brilliant online experience, jammed with puzzles, yet this time with an eerie twist! 

In terms of story, yet another winner - simple yet effective. You are the new owners of Harlequin House - met by a hap-hazard Estate Agent and hearing rumours of the disappearance of a young girl, you tentatively begin to move in. However as soon as you walk through the door, things certainly aren't right. But can you discover the mysteries of your new home and what really happened?!  

So the plot does sound a little creepy, and I wont lie, horror isn't my thing - but this certainly isn't a horror game! In fact, its more of a comedy! The videos certainly have elements of the occasional "jump scare", however these are rapidly followed by the tongue-in-cheek humour that the team at Clue Cracker have become synonymous with. They simply don't take themselves too seriously, which actually adds great character to the game.  

In terms of puzzles, they stick to the theme well, as you take yourself around your new home, visiting the numerous different rooms. In terms of their difficulty, I would suggest that this is the trickiest of the games currently online from the team. It still however pitches itself as being family friendly, as well as for the enthusiasts amongst us. There are three or four really strong puzzles which I enjoyed in particular, which I am sure you will discover for yourself,  plus a handful which completely threw me, where the well appointed clues were certainly needed! 

As with all the Clue Cracker games, you tend to get 1 cryptic clue per puzzle, followed by one which is a little more obvious. If really stuck, you can also reveal the answer - but try not to! Everything is achievable, even if it is a little tricky at times! 

A real plus in this game is that fact that videos are used in a number of puzzles which actually form part of the answer, as opposed to simply being inserted to help aide only the story line. Again, these videos include the eerie aspects with a touch of humour thrown in, providing the character to the game. 

The other aspect to the game which I really enjoyed, is that the answer to every single puzzle is needed as part of game finale. In terms of developing this game, this must have been a really tricky challenge for the team, as the puzzles are hugely varied so getting them to form something tangible as a finale is very impressive. The game builds to a good crescendo by using this format, as you find yourself becoming a makeshift detective to complete the game. 

Yet again, the Clue Cracker team have developed a brilliant online 90 minute game, which is jammed with strong puzzles, great attention to detail, an engaging story line and some great tongue-in-cheek humour. Coupled with great value for money, this game is a sure fire hit for families, friends and enthusiasts alike! 


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