This hugely enjoyable online escape game is a sure-fire top notch web based puzzle extravaganza! 

Firstly, the story. A well thought-out, yet simple story line based on the fact that a fairground has come to town - however not all is as it seems, as upon your arrival, it is mysteriously quiet. You discover the mysteries of this travelling fairground, eventually having to track down the culprit and stop the roller coaster before it derails! I found this to be a really fun story line and certainly isn't too heavy. All members of the family are sure to appreciate it and as the story evolves, there is no real need for masses of written text, as the game runs seamlessly between the area of the fair.  

In terms of game play and puzzles, this is superb. The games all stick strictly on theme and the imagery used to present them is of great quality. At no point in time did I find myself scratching my head and wondering why a particular puzzle had been put into the game. There is a well rounded mix of puzzle difficulty within this game and I would suggest that it would suit most abilities - families will certainly enjoy it as the kids can get involved! There are also a massive number of puzzles involved and a 90 minute clock (although the game wont end if you go over time) so you will certainly get your monies worth! 

As per normal with everything the team at Clue Cracker do, they excel in two vital areas - attention to detail and game character. Every game leaves no stone unturned in terms of detail - there are no cut corners and its clear that the team take great pride in what they do. In terms of character, not only is the game brought to life with the great game imagery, there are multiple video extracts which add an extra layer of fun, with some very interesting individuals making an appearance which are sure to keep the whole family entertained!

When all is said and done, it is safe to say we hugely enjoyed playing this game - a great mix of puzzles, character and tension- certainly a game that all the family can enjoy! 


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