So, the story... You are a trainee Pathologist working for a top-secret project.  A man-made island island near Mongolia houses this special project where dinosaurs are being breed using fossils. One morning you awake to a frantic video from your mentor, to find that the dinosaurs have broken loose and he is the only survivor. It is your job to help secure the island before its too late. 

A group of five of us played this online game and safe to say we really enjoyed it. First of, one major plus is that this game is suitable for all ages, and although some of the puzzles are slightly trickier, this is a real family favourite. 

The game is simple to follow and is very user friendly. The puzzles are easy to follow and although some are slightly harder, all are achievable. Every puzzle gives you the opportunity for two hints, plus, if your are really stuck, the option to reveal the answer - make sure this is a real last resort though! You will get a much better sense of achievement by finding the answers yourself!

For online games, its often difficult to get the real sense of involvement or tension - however the guys at Clue Cracker have certainly achieved it! The use of videos provide a great sense of panic and frustration. You will find yourself shouting at your laptop and telling the professor to hurry up as time ticks away! 

We really enjoyed this experience and it is certainly one I would recommend. Tension, atmosphere, solid puzzles, great use of technology, a wallet-friendly price and a real family feel, provide for an hours worth of fun for all to enjoy!

In addition, Clue Cracker are developing another online game which should be available soon. Watch this space for more info!


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