This was our second outing from the Epic Escapes game box and yet again it didn't disappoint.

Just as a quick recap from our first game, Crime... the prospect of an "Escape Room in a Box", really got the juices flowing. On our first occasion, opening the box, the first thing to say is that we were blown away with the quality of the contents. The hardware contained within the box is of great build quality and it is evident that a great amount of effort has been put into perfecting the contents. The box also contains a volume of consumable items and a large number of clear to follow, fool-proof instructions. 

The box contains three different at home escape room experiences; Crime, Piracy and Hijack. Each differing slightly in difficulty level. As we had already mastered the "easier" Crime game, this time we went for medium difficulty experience - Piracy.  

A nice clear challenge card contained within the box sets the story up nicely - Passing through the Suez Canal in your merchant navy oil tanker, a last minute captain has locked you and the rest of the crew in his quarters and now it appears the boat is going off course. You remember that the former captain had built an emergency escape mechanism years back. Now you must solve the puzzles in order to unlock the escape hatch and get the ship back on track!

We really like the story and its certainly not one we had seen before - which is very refreshing! The story was strong and is very different to the first game, Crime - which is very much suited to the home environment, whereas in this story, setting a theme at home will add to the experience.

With this in mind, we played the game in a different room in the house, the lights were turned off, and I had soft white led lighting as well as a very loud countdown clock (found on Youtube!) to add tension and compliment the story. Doing it in a different room from the first time we played, meant different hiding places and a real different feel to the game.

The puzzles in this game stick strictly to the theme and really add to the game play. There are a good number of padlock puzzles, as well as hidden materials throughout the room. Although there aren't a huge amount of puzzles within the game, they are all very strong - 2 in particular we really liked. We all agreed that the difficultly level of the puzzles was a little trickier than our first Epic Escapes outing and is a great follow on.  

One puzzle threw the team completely, however the box comes complete with a set of handy hint cards. Having a glance at these set the guys back on track and we smashed through the puzzles.  


In times of lock down, a game like this is a real solid substitute to get your escape room fix. The qualify of the product is strong, particularly in terms of design and hardware. The story is very different to others so gives this experience a very different feel to Epic Escapes first puzzle we played. All in all, a really good experience. Looking forward to playing the third instalment from the starter box - Hijack! 


To purchase the Epic Escapes Starter Pack visit; https://www.epic-escapes.games/product/escape-room-in-a-box/

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