A very different proposition, this FREE online game its pitched at first timers and a younger audience - so I'm doing this review through the eyes of my nine year old son as well as me! 

A simple story focuses on the disappearance of Tunbridge Wells based DJ, DJ McDee who was looking at dropping his new hit track. However, his rival MC Floggin has captured him and will release the track in his name instead! Its your job to rescue DJ McDee and release the new hit song!

The puzzles sit beautifully on theme and pay homage to some of the landmarks found in Tunbridge Wells. Many puzzles would be very simple for experienced gamers so this is certainly a "gateway" game into the larger world of online escapes - Escape From Extinction Island also by Clue Cracker would be a great game to move onto from this.

For those puzzles which are slightly more taxing, some well places clues sit at the bottom of each page and are very well pitched at giving you enough information without spoiling the puzzle. (We did end up using two clues so not all puzzles are "simple"). 

We really enjoyed the graphics on this game, however much like their physical experiences and other online game "Escape from Extinction Island", the thing that sits Clue Cracker apart from others is their character video content. The videos of the two lead characters in this game really bring it to life and provide a humorous, zany side which we loved.

The finale of the game made us both chuckle and again paid great homage to the local area (however, you don't need to know anything about the town in order to be successful). Be prepared for DJ McDee's new single!!!

All-in-all, a well thought out, simple, free online game with fun characters, which is brilliant for first timers and those wanting to get a quick escape room fix!  


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